Last Sunday we had to cancel the service due to the snow fall which became rather heavy. We were to have looked at the words of David the King to his son, Solomon. He encouraged Solomon to follow the Lord God and obey the commands of Moses all the days of his life. David's covenant relationship was one of a favoured subject, whose position and family succession was God's gift to him as long as the family remained loyal. David had been the first king to unite all the 12 tribes because until then the tribes would only come together as small groups of 2 or 3. David seized the opportunity of failing southern and northern empires to carve out a significant kingdom across the trade routes of the Fertile Crescent. He wasn't perfect. He made mistakes and failed in many ways, but he tried to serve God as best he could, most of the time. This was his primary concern on his death bed, that Solomon would also serve God faithfully. Solomon started of well but he to began to make mistakes and as a result the Kingdom established by David fell apart on Solomon's death. It divided into two parts, the 10 tribes of the Northern Kingdom and the 2 tribes of the Southern. Eventually these were conquered by surrounding kingdoms and the people taken into exile. The people of the Northern Tribes were absorbed into the society of their captors and never returned. The 2 tribes went into exile to Babylon and returned more than 50 years later and became the people of Jesus' time.