Pam spoke about how the disciples and followers of Jesus must have felt after the crucifixion and then contrasted it with how they felt after the resurrection. Before the resurrection they must have felt as any group of people who had had their hopes and dreams dashed and become nothing, but even worse because they were frightened of further reprisals. Then they saw the Lord arisen from the dead! They couldn't believe it. Thomas exclaimed 'unless I see his hands and put my fingers in his side, I won't believe it', and then he did and he believed. The followers of Jesus were overtaken with joy and were totally changed by this experience. Before the death of Jesus, the disciples had been jockeying for positions of power and authority in the Kingdom of God, now they were focused on spreading the good news of what had happened, as were all the believers. They started to share with one another, so that no-one had any need. They became generous and supportive in a way they had not been before. They were no longer squabbling but living in unity. Somehow we must learn from them and come together in unity once more, respecting each others take on God and worship. By losing our unity and respect for one another we have earned the disdain of non Christians, so we must learn to support each other and respect our differences and see God working in each other, in order that the love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ may be seen once more in the world.