Pray for the village and thank God:

That we will all become members of a community working together. This is not about bringing people into the church, but sharing the gifts and grace that God has given each of us with each other, to God's glory. It is about sharing love and forgiveness.


Pray and give thanks for the school:-

That its pupils and staff, that they may learn and play together and show God's Grace and mercy in their work. That the students will mature and learn to the very best of their ability and that the teachers and  aids be blessed with wisdom, skill and strength to help the children as they learn.


For any new staff that they will be gifted by God to be the very best teachers for our children.


Pray for the School Governors. May they have God's wisdom and strength for the difficult tasks they face.  


Pray for the congregation:

that we will remain strong and healthy and be committed to the community within which we live.

 For Rev. Carl Edwards, Rev. Mary Washbrook, Reader,  the Church Wardens, David and Pam, Mary, Marie and Peter and all the office holders that they may find the strength and wisdom to support the activities of the Christian community in Peak Forest. 


 Pray for the families effected by illness and bereavement 


Rev. C. Edward - for his health and family, especially the boys at University.

For the Gibbling family in their double loss of Derek and Bobbie last year 

For Rosa and Brian's family.    

For baby George's family.

For Mary Hipwell and family.

For Peter and Karen who lost their baby.

For Nicky's family in their loss.

For John Booth's family

For the Williamson's family and especially for Mary

For Marie and Peter

For the Jackson family


Pray for the Church as the lead has been stolen from the roof and so the main church is barred from all but church staff for the foreseeable future. Pray that God will give is grace and strength for the coming restoration that will be necessary in the light of the ongoing flooding every time it rains or snows. May God grant us grace, strength and guidance as to how best to proceed under the circumstances.

Those not of this village community

For Jon and Marie as Marie has been diagnosed with Leukaemia.

Briony, a 14 year old and her two brothers, whose mother has died suddenly.

John and Frances Selves. John has been diagnosed with SLL and Frances has bad sciatica.